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Credit score
The Most Robust & The Fastest Business Solution For The Credit Repair Industry credit score. With TurboDispute Credit Repair Software you can easily import your clients’s credit reports in seconds and the system will import contact information, address, credit scores, credit inquiries and itemize all the derogatory items, one-by-one, saving you hundreds of hours of data entry every month, minimizing human error. Your clients can sign up for credit monitoring from Credit Check Total service for $1 trial with instant reports and scores. (Privacy Guard, Free Credit Repaort.com, Free Score and Identity Secure coming soon). Once they sign up they can provide you with their username and password and you will be able to Import your clients’ credit reports with one click including derogatory items, credit inquiries and credit scores. We have no affiliation to any credit monitoring services and You (or your clients) will order the reports on your own.
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